Southwest Mississippi Diaper Bank of the MISS-LOU

BMS-SW MS Diaper Bank of the Miss-Lou serve families with children newborn to age five (5), older disabled children and adults with monthly diaper assistance. Currently, the only requirements to apply are proof of state-issued identification, and a copy of the child's birth certificate with proof of Mother or Father's signature. All eligible applicants will receive a two week supply of diapers, pull-ups, baby wipes or formula (depending on the age and size of the baby). We assist senior citizens with monthly incontinence products. All eligible applicants will receive a two week supply of incontinence products to include: briefs and/or pads, bed pads and adult cleansing wipes. We also serve adolescent and adult women who are in need of personal hygiene/period products. All eligible applicants will receive a monthly supply of personal hygiene items to include: Period products and adult cleansing wipes.


Celebrate the anticipated arrival of the newest member of the family with our 'BABY SHOWER MARCH 30, 2024' service.

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Diaper Bank Registration Form 2024

Complete this registration for to sign up for baby shower registration and initial diaper bank services.

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Community Outreach and Disaster Assistance

At the core of what we do, community outreach and disaster assistance is primary to the vitality and sustainability of our community. With wonderful, kind, generous hearted national, regional, state and local community partnerships; we are able to step in when needed the most and rise to the standard of offering effective, qualitative and sound resources and supplies when our family, friends and entire communities are affected by devastating critical events. When called upon by our partners to assist, not only do we move donated freight by the truckload in 53' dry vans via interstate, but we bring along our local partners to assist when and where they are needed. Disaster Recovery is not just a word for us, we are dedicated to helping fill the gaps that hinder access to much needed food and supplies to individuals and families in our local community, state and country-wide when disease, critical weather events or other devastating events occur as a result of natural or man-made disasters.

Veterans Services

Limited consultation services for veterans seeking to file compensation and pension claims, and those seeking an increase in service connected disability ratings. VA Services - Information sessions for groups of 20 or more interested in finding out more information about available VA services, Employment & Career Services for those seeking assistance with enrollment in vocational or post-secondary school, job search assistance, and assistance with developing a resume' or capabilities statement for veterans who self employed or small business owners with less than five employees. (No job development services are available, meaning we do not head hunt jobs, we only assist with job search based on compatible skillsets, education and/or experience.